Russia knows CIA schemes. Russian Federation creates good worldwide support.

27, April 2016: Russia creates worldwide support to make good relations in the world. But real reason why Edward Snowden had come to Russia was that CIA gave him the information to give it for Russia, for other countries. What for? Every channel has different prestige. And CIA wants to demonstrate that it knows much about many people when they make information that they perform many people telephone-tapping in many countries. And they want to write any information in special program systems about many different levels people. The American CIA planned to use such methodology to change health, decisions and situations for different people, top-level politicians, journalists in the USA and all countries too (that's why Angela Merkel and other politicians make sanctions even if they are talking about the necessary to make good relations with the Russian Federation; they changed plans because CIA made special programmable commands). You have to know that if the organization makes a scheme for the bad result, then it will get less their prestige because all people know that bad schemes must not (impossible) to do.


The good prestige can have good informational, social, economic activities for good results in society, that's why the Russian well-oriented organizations, security services and their well-oriented partners in all countries who want to make good situations in the world can take the good prestige.


To make good relations and good situations in society in the world, the GENERAL INFORMATIONAL DEFENDS SERVICE was created in Russia. It accumulates informational resources from the all world security services who want to make good situations in the world. That's why it also names in mass media: the Central Intelligence Universe Agency (CIUA , "See I You Are": "I can see, You can see"; it is necessary to see each other, good communicate with each other to make good situations and good relations in society). You can also read the news "The God Almighty Advocate together with Good President will make good relations in the world": more sensational facts for making good relations, good situations, good healthcare in the world!


The General Informational Defends Service was created to make good relations and good situations in society in all countries, to make good situations worldwide. Anatoliy Golod (the Creator, the General Director), the age is 35, has a diploma with honors and a Ph.D. (Philosophy Doctor) title. The areas: a balance, development in the economy, creating the good ecology, good marketing, good healthcare lifestyles). You can call anytime to the General Informational Defends Service, you can call to Anatoliy Golod. It can really create the good situations in society, when we talk and make good job together with journalists, politicians, other people. Our phone numbers: +7(495)7604918; +7(985)7604918; +7(965)3188546; +7(903)1621034. Read Web site: (kind communications; "dobro" is translated "good, kind" from Russian language).

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