04, September 2014: F& L Designer Guides are always looking for something different and when F and L first met Ruth Tomlinson they believed she would be a valuable member of their innovative community. By her own admission she is driven by the intricacies and the magical intrigue of tiny forms, blemishes and unique inclusions, and she searches for these in both her materials and her design ideas.

F believes that Ruth Tomlinson‘s passion for all things natural and her appreciation for the cycle of life and the inevitable journey from birth to decay are what inspires her meticulous designs: designs that evoke all kinds of images and offer a perceptive to the wearer and admirer. “I respond to my immediate environment and am open to spontaneous finds and observations. I use a variety of materials and aim to work them into jewellery of a sensitive and delicate quality.” (Ruth Tomlinson).

Ruth also derives inspiration from Pre-Raphaelite imagery and archaeological finds that are both intrinsically linked to the cycle of life and the ideas that a continuous wheel is what keeps the world in its constant state of perpetual motion. F is often heard saying that he loves designers who have philosophical ideas and a real insight into what is important to them. He believes that many designs are the vessel that transcends an artist’s true self into a tangible interpretation, and that Ruth Tomlinson’s pieces do just that.

For those people looking for exclusivity in design and an interesting alternative to the high street, Ruth offers a personal and bespoke service that helps clients realise their design dreams. Her award winning pieces have inspired and captivated the team at F&L Designer Guides but it is her newly launched collection of diamond rings and wedding bands that have really brought her into the F&L spotlight. The concept of wearable jewellery that still delights and offers an element of the unique has drawn great attention, and her beautiful collections that reflect her passion for the precious things in life are simply charming.

Ruth Tomlinson is currently exhibiting at the New Craftsmen in London, http://www.thenewcraftsmen.com/

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