San Antonio, Texas; 13, February 2017: Transponder keys are a huge hit among car owners as they serve as an effective prevention against car theft. Most of the new cars made by major automakers such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Fiat and General Motors come with transponder keys.

While these keys are based on a sophisticated technology, there is also a strong likelihood of the chip inside them getting damaged, because of regular wear and tear. That’s why there is a big demand for transponder key services that offer to duplicate or reprogram these keys. But these services are not easy to find, as programming a transponder key is a specialist’s task.

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s an automotive locksmith company based in the San Antonio community offers a quick and effective transponder key duplication service. They provide transponder key programming for a fraction of the cost of having the same done by a car dealer. Also, they drive to the customer’s location in their specialized mobile locksmith vans. Customers don’t need to have their cars towed to them, as they would have to, if they were to get the transponder key duplicated by a car dealer.

Coleman Oneil, manager of San Antonio Car Key Pro’s, said that his company usually takes a single business day to program a transponder key, unlike car dealers who take a week or two, or maybe more, as they first need to get the code for the new keyless entry fob approved by the car manufacturer.

Mr. Oneil said, “We provide the best emergency transponder key duplication service in the San Antonio area. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t even take time off for holidays or weekends. Our customers can rely on us to get their keys ready within 24 hours. We don’t have to tell you how incredibly fast that is compared to the transponder key services provided by car dealers. Plus, our services are very affordable.”

“Transponder key programming is a specialist’s job. Hiring just about anyone for this task can actually do more damage than good. That’s why we urge car owners to call us if they need any sort of help with their transponder keys,” Mr. Oneil added.

About San Antonio Car Key Pro's:

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s is a premier provider of automotive locksmith services in San Antonio, Texas. They also provide rekeying, residential and commercial locksmith services, and operate a fleet of locksmith vans. You can reach them 24x7 using the hotline (210) 960-8984.

Visit their official website to learn more about the company.

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