Sarah Laughmiller Completed a Photo Shoot for Miss University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL - Sarah Laughmiller, a photographer for different kinds of events have just recently completed a photo shoot for Miss University of Alabama, where she has successfully captured the beauty and glamour of each one of the candidates. Apart from that, she has also been hired as a photographer for different events. As a matter of fact, she has also performed tons of fashion shoots and shows great passion towards life photography.

What makes her different from the other photographers out there is that she has great talent in capturing the best and the most important moments in the lives of people. In fact, she has taken tons of photos of couples before and after they get to call each other as husband and wife smiling blissfully and with their parent’s eyes filled with tears of joy. With every snap of her camera, another moment is captured and treasured for a lifetime.

Among the other photographers out there, she is one who can actually create great photographs not just because she has a great or high quality camera but also because she has spent years of her life mastering her craft and her first love, which is photography. One can truly see how genuine she is in providing her clients the best photos they can possibly have in their life. After all, once the moment has passed, there is no way for it to happen again. So, she always stays alert and sees to it that her camera is always in her hands. That way, she can capture every moment beautifully and perfectly without missing anything.

When it comes to her experience in photography, she has already been working in this industry for years, where she have acquired an ample amount of experience and further hone her skills, making her one of the best photographers in Alabama. Also, she is not lacking in people skills as well. As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to work with her and she has that something that can make other people at ease while they are working with her. She knows what needs to be done with the composition, lighting, etc. In addition to that, her creativity is reflected in each photo she has taken. For more information about Sarah Laughmiller and to view her portfolio, just visit

Sarah Laughmiller
Company Name: SEL Photography
Address: 408 Hickory St, Hartselle, AL 35640