May 01, 2012 – The second millennium saw a lot of big changes, many of them tied to the fact that the web became a great deal more popular, that services like YouTube made watching videos on the web popular and that smart phones would begin go allow people to watch videos anywhere, any time. Part of the change that took place was the final disappearance of so many drive in movie theaters and even a sharp reduction in the amount of tickets being sold by standard movie theaters. People collected fewer DVDs in the past and Blu Ray did not take off in the same way that many believed it would end up doing. Instead, a lot of people began to come back to TV not just for live sports, but also for hit TV shows like Lost and American Idol. With offers like Time Warner Cable Promotions being easier to find, many people decided they wanted to be into TV once again and there has been a big shift in the viewing audience, especially among those in younger demographics for who TV viewing is a far more social experience. Now that TV shows are once again capturing the imaginations of people around the globe, cable is certainly becoming a service that people once again do not want to do without.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the big change is that cable companies began to offer more services than just cable. They started to offer digital phone service and also cable internet. This meant that a lot of people would prefer to bundle and have just one bill that they needed to deal with instead of several bills to try and keep up with. Having Cable TV, Internet and Digital Phone Packages that they could choose from meant they would be able to get all the services that mattered to them with a great deal fewer hassles and this certainly made a big difference in their lives. Today, these packages are considered the best way to keep costs under control and still be able to enjoy the very best in entertainment. Many people are certainly deciding to go this way do to the cost saving and the reduction in hassles.

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