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London, UK (mynewsdesk), July 26 2012 It was announced this year that 50cc scooters and 125cc Scooters are experiencing a massive upsurge in popularity. Thanks, in the most part, to the huge rises in fuel costs recently, coupled with the amount of congestion on the roads. According to Lisa Bachelor of the Guardian (Friday 13 January 2012), there has been a massive upsurge of new Scooters registered with the DVLA in 2011. It rose by 12%, the highest rise in recent history. Official figures put scooter sales in 2011 at the highest recorded number since British records began.


The blame has been placed on all areas of public and private transport. Car prices have gone up and insurance costs have also gone up massively. Fuel prices have also been singled out as the reason people are turning to bikes and scooters. To run a car as a person under the age of 65years old is simply too costly.


Public transport has not helped very much. Bus prices are reasonable but offer restrictions on areas we may travel and at what time, and people enjoy the flexibility that having their own vehicle allows them. Rail fares have gone up quite considerably in the last few years, and where bicycles are okay for short distances, they are impractical for the longer daily commute. Scooters have risen and dipped in popularity over the last decade, so one may wish to pass this rise in popularity off as another peak on the graph, but the increased cost of alternative transport may have made scooter travel the permanent choice of some under 60's consumers.


It was the figures published by the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) that got people talking when they announced the 12% rise in 2011, along with a staggering rise of 20% on sales of motorcycles with engines of 125cc or above. Peugeot report bike/scooter sales as up by 46%, Honda have seen a rise of 39%. Their new bike PCX 125 sold 765 in 2010, they sold over 2000 in 2011.


Strangely enough, on the flip side it seems that sports motorcycles and larger motorcycle sales seem to have gone down, some sales figures are as low as 32% down. This begs the question as to whether this sudden upsurge in scooter sales is the result of the younger generation giving up on cars and taking to two wheels instead, so that they still have a little money in their pockets to go out on a weekend. Only time will tell, as we await this year's figures.


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