Scoliosis, the medical term for the curvature of the spine, currently affects millions of people, approximately 2 to 3% of the population. The most common type is idiopathic scoliosis, typically occurring between the ages of 10 and 18. The severity of scoliosis and the necessity for treatment are determined by the degree to which the spine deviates from its normal alignment. Nowadays, advancements in medical science and new approaches indicate that scoliosis treatment is more straightforward and successful than ever.

Over a decade ago, Dr. Arvind Kulkarni best scoliosis surgeon in India embarked on a journey to discover "a better way" to treat scoliosis, focusing on addressing the condition itself. The care of patients with spinal disorders has evolved rapidly over the last decade. Recognized as the best scoliosis doctor in Mumbai, he is an internationally renowned leader in scoliosis and spinal deformity care, receiving numerous awards for his research and contributions to the field. No other scoliosis treatment comes close to the success rate achieved by the best scoliosis surgeon in Mumbai.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni at best scoliosis hospital in India strives for the best possible outcomes for every patient, emphasizing the highest level of safety. Offering reliable evidence-based solutions, Dr. Arvind Kulkarni Best Scoliosis Surgeon In India provides thorough, comprehensive, and tailored treatments to meet individual needs, emphasizing a holistic and patient-friendly approach. Best scoliosis doctor in Mumbai, extends a wide range of services to patients with spine-related problems, including laser spinal surgery.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni at best scoliosis hospital in India, specializing in scoliosis treatment, understands the physical and emotional toll that this pain takes on your quality of life. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni best scoliosis surgeon in India has assisted over 75,000 patients in finding relief from neck and lower back pain, witnessing the pure joy they experience when realizing their lives are no longer restricted by chronic pain. His goal is to help you discover that same joy.

Following surgery with best scoliosis doctor in Mumbai, between 80 and 95% of patients experience complete or partial relief, While quantifying success in terms of surgical recovery can be challenging due to the diverse lifestyles and activity levels of each patient, a consistent success rate of 80-90% in spine surgery has been observed. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni at best scoliosis hospital in India’s scoliosis treatment has earned him an impressive patient satisfaction score of 96 and a patient recommendation score of 97 out of 100.

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