Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 17, 2017 —, a startup fully dedicated to an innovative hands-free toilet seat, officially launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to garner widespread support and financial backing for their revolutionary toilet seat. The company is intent on using Kickstarter funding to start the production of their very first batch of Seatswings.
The Seatswing invention will make it possible for people to never have to touch the toilet seat again. The result is an easier and more hygienic visit to the restroom for both men and women.

“Seatswing will also solve the endless toilet discussions couples have about putting the seat down — all men forget to put it down now and then,” said Maarten Stokman, Founder and Creator of the Seatswing.

The product looks like a normal toilet except for the extra push button on the front, which can be used to put the seat up and down with a simple touch. It works with springs and a clicking mechanism that is similar to the popular touchbin trashcan.

Touching the front releases springs that then pull the seat up and touching on the front closes it as well. It is a simple and effective design modeled after other modern house-ware appliances. Additionally, there is no need to change batteries every few months and it is quickly installed. It can also be removed easily for cleaning and fits on every toilet.

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