27, January 2016: In early January, International Consumer Electronics Show or CES will be held in Las Vegas. At that time, tens of thousands of high-end electronics brands and visitors will take part in this grand show. This year, Airwheel as well as its various scooter types attend CES and have attracted attention of many guests. What makes Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters become the highlight of CES? The following is going to explain the reason.


First and foremost, all of Airwheel electric scooters are environmental-friendly, which caters for times’requirement and people’s aspirations. After all, the living environmental quality is declining with each passing day and automobile exhausts bear the main responsibility. Airwheel electric scooters are powered by Japan-made SONY or Panasonic lithium-ion battery that offers not only strong power, but also high work efficiency. More importantly, they are energy-saving. Generally speaking, the electricity consumption of Airwheel electric scooters is ranging from 1Kwh to 2Kwh. That is really economical.

In the meanwhile, Airwheel self-balancing scooters enjoy rich subtypes. M3 electric skateboard, the only type under M-series, is the brand-new works in skateboarding sector. Z3 electric scooter is the favorite of designated drivers because of its multiple folding systems. A3 sitting-posture scooter is often selected as the commuting transport by consumers. Two-wheeled S-series scooters are widely applied to people leisure and entertainment activities. X-series electric unicycle and twin-wheeled Q-series are often chosen by young people for weaving on high streets and back lanes. All in all, Airwheel electric scooters are suitable for all ages.


Lots of visitors are attracted by Airwheel self-balancing scooters on CES and they stop to have a test riding on them. Many of them love them so much that they place an order on the scene. The staff there promises them that they will receive the scooters within one week. On CES, the Airwheel’s booth is one of the busiest one as many people are interested in its scooters.

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