SeoVida Media Million Dollar Startup Considered Most Dominate Company In The Affiliate Marketing Industry

Industry insiders are talking the latest entry into the affiliate marketing industry. SeoVida Media is a million dollar startup that is already being recognized as a dominate player in the affiliate marketing world. The recognition comes primarily from the company’s large variety of global offerings that make it the highest paying affiliate network in the world. “We not only have the largest amount of offers, but also the highest payouts,” said Michael S Francis, Founder and CEO of SeoVida Media.

SeoVida Media

SeoVida Media has only been in the affiliate marketing industry since 2013, but it’s already considered an industry standard compilation of the greatest affiliate marketers all under one company. Much of the success can be attributed to the fact that the company is run by veteran online marketers. The primary strategy of the firm is to provide real time solutions for advertisers and publishers that are looking to increase revenue in the affiliate marketing space. With experience in owning and managing websites and blogs, as well as a great deal of affiliate marketing experience, the founders of the firm understand how to guide clients to great success.

The company focuses its attention primarily on advertisers and publishers. For advertisers the company offers a no-risk platform that is measured in actual results. For publishers, SeoVida Media provides perhaps the largest affiliate program they will find with significant payouts and superior support.

More information is available by visiting or calling 954-629-0860 toll free to speak with a company representative. Visitors to the website can also email the company using

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