Series of new products: Airwheel two-wheeled Personal Transport Vehicle Z5 and S8

13, April 2016: Following the CeBIT held in March, Airwheel is set to attend HK Electronics Fair and Canton Fair in order to gain more market share in Asia. In March, Airwheel pushed out five models of new products in total, namely Airwheel S8, S9, Z5 and Airwheel C3 and C5. In April, Airwheel will take these new products to attend HK Electronics Fair and Canton Fair in order to gain more market share in Asia. Among the new arrivals, Airwheel S8 and Z5 2 wheel electric scooters are worth noting for the following reasons.


The Airwheel S series are known for the natural ride ability and comfortable platform. The same is suitable to Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter, which provides unparalleled riding comfort. A platform allows people of all ages and body types to settle comfortably into the riding position, feeling immediately at ease, as well as imparting the utmost in safety thanks to anti-slip devices placed under the feet. Like S6, Airwheel S8 is also equipped with multi-pose controlling system. The adjustable operating rod is to meet different stature people’s demands. The two 10 inch wheels give S8 brilliant traffic ability. Another feature is the C shape designed operating rod for better load capacity as well as better sense of beauty.


To create an easy and convenient commuting, Airwheel Z5 has altered the traditional designs. To begin with, triple folding system of Z5 enables it can be easily carried into the elevator, subway, bus, or stored in a car trunk. What’s more, the USB port on the power resource brings more convenience, no matter to charge other electronics or to be charged. That is, riders can charge the Z5 via USB cable. And meanwhile, Z5 standing up electric scooter is also a kind of power resource to meet the demands of charging of phones, pads and others.

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