Since December 2016 when the activity was launched, the activity of "Sichuan, the Secret Garden of World" has attracted the active participation of tourists from 17 countries and regions, such as England, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, etc. Until the deadline, the activity website of "Sichuan, the Secret Garden of World" has collected about 400 works with over 20,000 praises, and the topic reading quantity on Sina Weibo reached 1,460,000. After 3 months of collection, Sichuan Tourism Information Web will unveil the top 10 works that get the most praises after February 2, 2017 when the activity ends.

Harvesting Numerous Creations

In this activity, we selected 6 Sichuan representative symbols: cute panda, holy golden top on Mount Emei, primitively simple teahouse, spicy hotpot, Sichuan opera facial makeup and mahjong to invite global net friends to draw pictures surrounding the impression on these symbols in their heart. Through the collection this time, many characteristic and creative works with bold color matching have been produced. Let’s see the bold imaginations of net friends together. After entering the activity page of Sichuan Tourism Information Web (http://ww.global.tsichuan.com/?lang=en ), you will find out more interesting works.

Charming Sichuan, More than Pandas

Introducing the local conditions and customs of beautiful Sichuan to the world is always the mission and goal of Sichuan Tourism Development Committee . Through this activity, Sichuan Tourism Development Committee hopes that global tourists will know that Sichuan has not only cute pandas, but also rich historical and cultural background at the same time when experiencing the joy of creation. This activity lets tourists use an interesting way to explore Sichuan, and have opportunities to come to Sichuan to experience a trip to beautiful sceneries and cultures.

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