Silibake Tea Infuser Glass Launch Ends on a High After Exceptional Sales

With the end of the official launch of the newest Silibake product, the loose leaf tea infuser glass, the company reports a high-note end, having enjoyed higher than expected sales throughout the launch.

Having enjoyed sales that have exceeded every projection, Silibake ends the launch of their newest product, the innovative Tea Infuser glass. Continued sales speak of the high note end the launch came with, promising a bright future for the company and their tea mug.

With innovation at the forefront of everything the company does, Silibake was aware that the sales of the newest product, the loose leaf Tea Infuser Glass, were going to be outstanding. What the company did not expect was just how outstanding those sales and the reception to the new product would be.

“We just didn’t expect it to be as popular as it was, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t absolutely happy and committed to amazing products that fit every need of our customer base,” says Travis Holden of the Silibake marketing team. “Now that our launch is officially over, we can see that this product was something the market was just waiting for. Ending on this high note allows us to ride momentum into our next product, which we plan to make just as amazing.”

Indeed, the momentum that has been created by the launch of the Silibake Tea Infuser cup is something that the company can use to build on.

“It becomes the foundation for what comes next,” continues Holden. “It’s always easier to get motivated and to keep our products at the forefront of what customers are looking for when you get to be a part of a launch that was this successful. I know I am looking forward to the continued success with the tea cup and future products as well.”

To celebrate the extremely successful launch, the company plans to continue offering the cup in all three colors on Amazon and their website. With features like a silicone protective sleeve that keeps customer hands cool, and a double walled glass that keeps the beverage hot, along with a strainer basket that prevents debris from ending up in the drink itself and a lid that doubles as a saucer, Silibake expects to continue with the successful sales streak that is already being enjoyed.

About Silibake: A small family owned company, Silibake knows what it is like to need that specific solution to an age old kitchen trouble. That’s why they strive to offer innovation in the kitchen for customers around the world.


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