Simple life counts elf for traveling — bicycles brand Airwheel Z5

25, April 2016: Throughout each tendency in the market of transporting, it is not hard to predict the two main tendencies for transporting vehicles’ development in the future: intelligence and portability. With strong R&D ability, Airwheel shoulders the responsibility of creating intelligent life style for human beings and insists to produce more intelligent electric scooters that can make people live a more free life. The recently released product, Airwheel Z5 double-wheels electric scooter is a powerful evidence to prove that Airwheel is seeking more humanized and practical designs on electric scooters.


Comparing with Airwheel Z3, Z5 looks more delicate. Z5 electric scooter continues to adopt the folding pedals design of Z3, but the other folding joints of Z5 are all concealed. Besides, it is also very easy to operate. Simple lifting and pulling can finish the folding of the whole body and fundamentally solve the problem that people need to take much strength to fold it.


Minor one detail will make riders’ traveling more convenient and that is the small hook hung on the operating rod. When folding, this small hook can catch on the slot on the rear wheel. On the one hand, it overcomes the loose connection between each parts of the scooter. On the other hand, when riders unfold Z5 standing-up electric scooter, the hook can be used for hanging shopping bag, packages or utility pouches.

More importantly, the cuboid battery packs design for Z5 razor electric scooter is half concealed in front of the pedals, and this design makes the gravity much lower and the base plate of pedals much heavier so that the riding becomes more stable. Surprisingly, the high efficient USB interface expanded on the battery pack can charge the intelligent devices like mobile phones, tablets or cameras etc. during daily commuting.

Let’s live a simple life started from riding Airwheel Z5!

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