It was last year in April that Facebook acquired the photo sharing app Instagram for approximately $1 billion. According to recent statistics, it was found that when Instagram started it had over 23 million people actively using the app every month. Today, Instagram is catering to over 130 million monthly active users. So as the service grows, it is important to assess its potential and importance. 

Protecting its Lead in Pictures 

Facebook has always felt that photos were important to company’s strategy. When Facebook acquired Instagram CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted “Providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together” on his timeline. 

Keeping Up With Twitter 

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are increasingly taking on similar characteristics. As we all know, Facebook recently introduced hashtags. In June, Instagram launched video capabilities on Instagram allowing the users to capture 15 seconds of video. That announcement followed Twitter launch of video sharing app Vine in January. 

There are also many merchants online such as which help people buy instagram followers and likes online easily. With so many similarities, Facebook’s ownership of Instagram helps it to fend off challenges which could arise from Twitter as it announced that it has crossed over 200 million monthly active users last December. 

Instagram truly is the key to facebook strategy. For a long time, we have been observing Facebook making constant changes to make people have the same amount of interest as they had when Facebook was launched.