online training in satellite transmission of news unique to the sector of electronic news in English and Castilian

[April 14, 2011, Luton, UK]

BeaconSeek Ltd, consultancy and training company based satellite in the UK, announced today that SlingPath, your training program news broadcast satellite (SNG) for the television news industry, is now also available in Castilian, besides English.

Interference with the satellites is a major global problem, affecting television presenters and viewers alike, and usually due to operator error in the uplink. Following the often cyclical nature of SNG transmissions, there are high chances that the uplink operators without training can cause problems for other satellite users. Therefore, the solution to this problem lies with a global standard of training and qualification of operators SNG uplinks.

SlingPath () is an innovative online training and certification in SNG generation based on competition. Satellite operators Intelsat and SES are already using it, and a wide range of presenters and SNG operators, including ABC News, Al Jazeera, Arqiva, Fox News, C-SPAN and Nine Network Australia.

With the introduction of the Spanish version in training, SlingPath now have access to a much larger number of operators SNG uplinks in the vibrant markets of TV news from both South and Central America and Spain.

SlingPath program “Basic operations of satellite transmission of news” is an introduction to satellites and their use for the transmission of news through them, directed to all new entrants to the sector and those who need to understand the processes of SNG . The training guides the students on the basic principles of the satellites, how they are used for the transmission of news, the different components and key technical parameters of a SNG, and how to work with satellites and interact with control centers operators satellites.

In particular, the program is suitable for those who must work with the latest generation of SNG “self-steering.” The latter allow operators with insufficient training to use satellite systems, but hide the technical aspects of the actions carried out.

No previous knowledge is required, and because the course is online, accessible from the student’s address, wherever you are, provided you have Internet access. The course ends with an online survey to obtain a qualification recognized by the industry.

SlingPath is a SNG training program fully accredited by Intelsat, SES, SIRG (Satellite Interference Reduction Group) and WBU-ISOG (World Broadcasting Union – International Satellite Operations Group).

About SlingPath
SlingPath was launched in English in 2007, and its developer was Jonathan Higgins, BeaconSeek (the author of two books only on satellite and electronic transmission of news), in collaboration with e-Blended Learning Solutions, New Zealand, specialists in the design of web training for remote learning applications.

Contacts: Jonathan Higgins – [email protected] (+44 1582 842717)


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