SmartOrder System offers a brand new technology for managing a restaurant

Hong Kong, 18th February 2014: With growing concerns of keeping costs within expectations and minimizing it, restaurants across the globe are resorting to easier management systems. With the use of comprehensive operating system which compiles all the features of management that a restaurant needs, it becomes much easier to manage. One such innovative product that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage the orders, customers, as well as the reducing the costs of recruiting multiple heads for carrying related set of activities is the new Smart POS by SmarOrder Technology Limited. This product can be used by customers, managers and the staffs of the organization. 

Smart POS is a self ordering system which is innovative and helps in order management and processing within the restaurant. When restaurant management purchases the Smart POS, they are also offered the SmartOrder e-Postal for free. It is a system configuration, account management, inventory management as well as a reporting online system which assists in managing the entire operations of the restaurant. It facilitates smoother as well as a faster processing of bills, reports, inventory, etc. all at a single place. Restaurant owners could keep a track of their sales, number of people visiting the place, popular dishes, etc. and generate customized reports with the software. Both the ipad restaurant pos as well as Android restaurant POS is available to make the management more mobile. Also, taking orders are much easier with the use of this app for the customers. 

In order to get customized software for your restaurant you can visit the website of SmartOrder Technology Limited and select the appropriate plan. People are also offered a 30 day free trial of this software to understand if this can be beneficial to them or not. The minimum pricing of this package has been kept at $60 a month while the lifetime license is available for only $1500. In case people have doubts or wish to know more about this innovative product they can use the contact page on the website. The representatives would get back and answer all queries which you may have. Presently the product is available for only 4 regions i.e. United States of America, United Kingdom, China, and the continent of Europe. It also comes with multiple language support and the company offers the option of customizing the product as per the needs of its client. 

About SmartOrder: 


SmartOrder is a company which offers new innovative technology for restaurant operating systems. It tends to minimize the challenge of curbing costs and assisting them to profitably as well as efficiently manage their businesses. The technology offered by SmartOrder has introduced a new Point of Sales system which helps increasing their revenues by enhancing the experience of their customers.