United States of America; 13, January 2015: Marketing is one of those elements which is required for virtually every product or service which is on offer. It is aided by several tools and innovative strategies which helps in attracting the final consumer. In the entertainment industry one of the critical elements which forms the basis of marketing and offering the products or services to the customers is the graphics, promotional products and innovative marketing solutions. It is one of those industries where customers are attracted due to the shine and attractiveness of the elements and contents used. Innovation and creativity has offered a range of options which companies have been using. However, to get the edge and avail of the latest options is not possible for all. In order to bridge this gap and offer a vast number of solutions to the needs of customers from the entertainment industry, SMC Inc. has come up with its range of merchandises.

The company is based in California which is regarded as the heart of Music Industry in USA. The company specializes in design as well as production of band & artist merchandise. The experts within the company have catered to some of the most successful bands and artists from the Orange Country. They are among the reputed companies in its domain and the owner Rob Castaneda has been an experience of coming up with some of the most talked about kinds of merchandises and other promotional products. The company believes that in the present market, the service providers offer standard services which are same for all. However, it extends to offer something unique and innovative so that customers can have the edge in terms of attracting their end consumers. Their areas of expertise includes production of marketing materials like the banners, pamphlets, and other elements which are required for events and other entertainment shows. Other services include customized promotional products and the graphic design, web site design and other printing solutions.

With over 14 years in the industry the company has catered to almost all kinds of clients and from every scale of operation. To know more about the products and services and how customers can benefit from them, they can visit their website. The website offers details regarding each kind of product of service they can offer. The website also offers answers to different queries which customers might have regarding their services. In case there are more queries or specific questions, customers are free to get in touch with the company by using any of the contact options mentioned on the website.

About SMC Inc.


SMC Inc. is a company which is based in California and caters to the needs and requirements of various entertainment companies. They offer marketing, promotional as well as web designing services to their customers. The company was formed in the year 2000 and has a team of experienced professionals offering end to end services in the field of merchandises for the entertainment industry.

For Media Contact:
Name: Rob Castaneda
PO Box 1908
Spring Hill, TN – 37174, United States
Email: [email protected]