Ramsey, NJ: Who says that gift cards are boring gifts? Well, not anymore with the innovative approach launched by Snomee. These days, any occasion can be a lot brighter with modern gift cards that are attacked with keepsake items like the snow globe. Giving gifts to someone that you love has gone better with such idea. So, if you are trying to give someone a special treat, why not deliver it the Snomee way!

Snomee – How It Started? 

Snomee is actually the product of two people: Michael O’Sullivan, the marketing director and Simon Roberts, the creative chief. Both of them have a great passion for that treasured moments during gift giving. Well, we all know it. There can be nothing more wonderful than tearing up the gift wrapper to find out what is inside. But then, thinking about gifts can be a bit daunting and time consuming. You can just have a gift card instead, but you certainly know how boring and disappointing it is to get one. 

Snomee is actually after for that precious moment and the excitement that comes along with gift giving. With this, they end up with a brilliant idea, which is combining gift cards with a physical gift that can be treasured by the receiver. The gift is a snow globe! Not as expensive as you may think of, but certainly a cute and memorable piece of item that can enclose lovely memories. It all started during the Christmas season of last year where gift cards are placed on the special holder within the snow globe. Now, it is possible to give a physical gift and a treat at once not only during Christmas, but also on any occasion! 

Snomee Gift Giving Ideas 

All year round, you can give gifts the Snomee way and you will never regret that you did. It is applicable for everyone who wants a unique way of making his or her loved ones happy. For instance, whether you are a son or daughter who wants to plan something for mom on Mother’s day, Snomee is certainly the solution. Well, you can treat your mother for a special lunch or dinner of a great cup of coffee. But then, you can make the day more special by handing in a snow globe by Snomee with a gift card in it for your mom’s favorite store. Your mother may just think of your present as the typical snow globe. This is where the excitement of gift giving takes place. 

Essentially, you can surprise your mothers by saying you have another surprise and it is in the snowball. Nothing can be more thrilling than searching for a gift that you do not have any idea what it is all about. This is what Snomee is aiming for so if you are one of those who are having a hard time finding gifts or making things special, Snomee is the answer. 

Gift cards containing treats along with an adorable snow globe is a wonderful idea for any occasion and it will surely work for anyone. So, why not give gifts the Snomee way? 

About Snomee: 

Snomee is the answer to this eternal gift-giving conundrum. 

It offers a great new way to present gift cards and simultaneously deliver a keepsake that contains your own personalized message. It’s a constant reminder of the occasion that loved ones will be able to keep forever. 

So who exactly is “Snomee”? Well the short answer is that Snomee is the brainchild of two people, sales and marketing director Michael O’Sullivan and creative chief Simon Roberts. However to really understand who Snomee is you’ve got to understand why we came together what it is we’re trying to achieve. 

Both Michael and Simon share a passion for those precious gift-giving moments. We’ve all been there, that perfect moment when you give a gift to someone you care about- that moment of puzzlement as they try to guess from the shape of the package what’s inside, the excitement as they tear off the paper and finally that look of glee and surprise as they discover what they’ve received. There’s nothing in the world quite like seeing someone you love open and appreciate a gift that you picked out for them.

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