Though the vasectomy is still considered a reliable and permanent form of contraception, advances in microsurgery have made it possible to reverse this procedure. As per the specialists vasectomy can be reversed even after a span of 15 years and hence it is suitable and reliable for men of any age. The Vasectomy reversal procedure reconnects the van deferens that were cut in the vasectomy and is absolutely safe as that of vasectomy surgery. It is said that vasectomy may affect the sex drive but this is entirely false, as there are no known reported cases to prove the theory.

Vasectomy reversal surgery procedure is usually an outpatient procedure involving local or general anesthesia. The sense of yearning is strong for couples who want children and any obstacle to fertility seems daunting. This is even more of a hard decision for men who at one point had a vasectomy to ensure that they would have no more children, but who later have reason to change their minds. Usually the procedure takes 3 hours and has a quick recovery time. Though the success rates of vasectomy reversal surgery procedure are quite high, the other side of this story may lack in the outcome that the couples seek. The chances of pregnancy as per the statistics, within the couple of years after reversal are only around 40 percent to 50 percent.

It’s really very important for men seeking a vasectomy reversal to go to the right kind of urologist- Urology specialists in India says. As per the standard protocol the urologist should be someone who has completed a fellowship in andrology, the medical specialty for men’s reproductive and urological health. The success rates of receiving a baby are significantly higher when the surgery is done under high-level magnification with a microscope.

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