(World Press Release) Tom Hess Music Corporation announces the release of a special report that helps guitar players to make more progress by learning how to practice guitar more effectively.

“After teaching tens of thousands guitar lessons to well over a thousand students, I have found that one of the reasons why many guitar players struggle with improving their skills is due to not having an efficient set of guitar practice schedules”, says Tom Hess, online guitar teacher and world renowned touring guitarist and recording artist. He continues: “Many guitar students erroneously believe that creating a guitar practice schedule will slow down their learning and restrict their creativity. Such beliefs are totally false.”
Hess’ special report identifies several common mistakes guitar players make when trying to create guitar practice schedules. Among the mistakes listed there, Hess emphasized the following:

1. Assuming that a guitar practice schedule is created by simply dividing the student’s practice time evenly into the number of things they need to practice. Hess says: “Belief in this common myth holds many guitarists back from seeing huge results when creating guitar practice schedules for themselves. When I created an online program for making a guitar practice schedule to help musicians all over the world practice more effectively, I designed it to take into account many factors not only about each individual person using it, but also about how each practice item is best practiced and learned. This is the same way I have been designing guitar practice schedules for my private students for years to help them reach their musical goals quickly.”

2. Using the same guitar practice schedule without making any changes to it for weeks or months. Hess reports: “This is one of the most common mistakes guitar players make when trying to make and stick to a guitar practice schedule – assuming that a single practice schedule is enough to reach one’s musical goals. This is no different than buying a single piece of clothing and wearing it consistently for years. Over time, as your skill musical skills improve, your guitar practice schedule will also need to evolve and change in the same way that you replace your clothes after they no longer fit you.”

3. Not knowing how to harness the strengths of one’s personality type to design a personalized guitar practice schedule. Hess’ report explains the reasons why knowing one’s personality type is critical to making a truly effective and personalized guitar practice schedule. He says: “not everyone needs to practice the same practice item in the same way even if both musicians are on the same skill level. Individual factors matter greatly when practicing.”

4. Not understanding the different ways various practice items should be practiced in order to master each of them. Hess says: “Some musical skills are best mastered when you practice them more frequently, but in less time. Other things are best mastered when you practice them less often, but for longer amounts of time. It is important to know which musical skills fall into what category in order to avoid wasting time while practicing.
Hess’ special report about how to create a guitar practice schedule is available on http://tomhess.net

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