A company specialising in travel insurance has recently published a write-up in which they clarify certain frequently asked questions about both single and family holiday insurance.

The piece in question meets many others published regularly on dedicated and general websites across the Internet in considering that travel insurance is one of the most essential aspects of preparing a trip, whether for holiday or business. Even though it will hopefully never be necessary, the article states, it is important that some sort of policy is taken out prior to departure to a foreign country.

The article then goes on to state that everyone needs travel insurance. It is a common mistake to consider certain demographics may not need a policy, but this is a misconception; while some (like the elderly) are more likely to need to make use of their policies, there is no group that cannot benefit from contracting insurance when travelling abroad. A good way to ensure all members of a group are covered is to take out a family holiday insurance policy, which will typically cover up to two adults and two children.

Readers are also strongly advised by the article writers to exercise full disclosure and honesty when contracting insurance policies. It is often the case that holidaymakers preparing to travel abroad will leave out previous or dormant health conditions in order to lower the premium on the policy; however, according to the feature writer, this is a dangerous practice, as it can result in claims being denied or the insurance company simply not offering coverage for undeclared ailments. It is therefore better, the writer considers, not to conceal any actual or potential health issues when first taking out a policy.

Family holiday insurance can be taken out on a single-trip or multi-trip basis, as well as — in certain cases — in a 12-month package which covers every trip taken during that year.

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