Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure where two or more than those vertebrae are completely connected into one bone without gap in between. In few cases, an additional bone is used to fill the gap that exists among two separate vertebrae. While the bone heals, there’s no longer space among them. The technique reduces flexibility but relieves pain brought on because of movement. The idea is that immobilizing the injured vertebrae stops the ache.

While choosing a country that gives less costly spinal fusion surgical operation, India is a great choice. The cost difference is huge in assessment to the hospitals in every other medically advanced country, like the US, United Kingdom, UAE and Singapore. Cost of spinal fusion surgery India  are extensively treated, in last decade, sufferers from overseas lands had been looking ahead to treatment option in India.  As the prices for this kind of surgical method is quite excessive globally, India has emerge as a hub which offers best treatment for spinal troubles that require surgical procedure.


Top 10 spinal fusion surgeons of India  is performed at inexpensive charges, with best available treatment technology.  On the same time the cost of spinal fusion surgery India are much less as compared, making it a wise decision for the patients to tour to India for the surgical treatment.


Here is an inspiring story of patient Theodore Williams from USA, Theodore who had affordable cost of spinal fusion surgery India. “After losing 75 pounds in 2005, I began suffering from low lumbar spine pain that was sometimes severe. Then one day, I was on the phone with a friend discussing my need for back surgery, and my friend told me about best price for spinal fusion surgery in India, with some of the state-of-the art equipment used for surgery. The best team of surgeons performed a successful six-level spinal fusion. The surgery and the recovery process were certainly very challenging. Few months after surgery, the spinal bone fusion was complete. I can confidently say that I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery.”


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