Spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi launched a one-of-its-kind neuro sub-specialty for sufferers affected by neurological disorders under the idea of an 'Integrated practicing Unit'.

Spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi is designed to offer efficient services dedicated to diagnosing neurological problems and their proper direction of treatment. The Spine and neuro surgery department of Manipal Hospital Delhi is headed by the group of expert docs of the neurology team.

“The early detection of neurological problems with timely treatment is extremely important as underlying causes might also impede the nervous that may change the way you circulate, communicate or think. These dedicated neurological clinics will play a considerable role in the holistic treatment of neurological disorders by a team of experienced neurologists, neuropsychologists, and a skilled nursing team of staff," stated chief-neurology specialist at spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi.

Spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi may have a devoted and patient-centric system dedicated towards the special needs of the patients affected by neuro issues with early diagnosis and advanced treatment centers. "Acting as a complete health facility, the brand new services will make sure specialized medical care to patients suffering from neuro disorders consisting of immune-mediated neuro-inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, amongst others. Patients will receive medical care from a group of neurologists supported by an experienced institution of allied care professionals inclusive of social workers and physiotherapists," said sr. consultant neurology & head of Spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi.

The services offered at the spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi encompass detailed clinical and cognitive evaluation of sufferers, stratification of patients along with the severity of diseases, maintaining online records of patients for follow up, early reputation and management of diverse complications, vaccination protocols for sufferers for long term immunosuppressants, the formation of support groups for patients and caregivers, special evaluation of signs and symptoms and medical records, cognitive evaluation the usage of neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric scales, treatment of cognitive impairment, the reputation of reversible and treatable reasons, skill enhancement of patients to make them self-dependent, amongst others.

Neurology is an evolving branch of medication, and along with the advancements within the area of medication, the medical world is shifting towards the idea of sub-specialties which is likewise called the idea of 'integrated practice unit '. Under this idea, patients with a selected ailment are dealt with by a couple of experts who've in-depth knowledge about that particular disease. That is a holistic method towards their hassle that is time-saving and an affordable solution for them. Spine and neuro surgery department Manipal Hospital Delhi is dedicated to providing affordable, quality health care to patients by incorporating development in its everyday schedule. The mission is to decentralize super specialty health care, and deliver it to every patient, and heal patients with determination, honesty care.

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