Independent Moviemaker, Starks Movies has announced that its fourth movie, “Travelers,” a sci fi retro genre will be released this summer. The movie is the fourth coming from the stables of Starks Movies, with Rachel Wingfield as the director.

“Travelers” is set to be viewed in art houses and independent cinemas across the U.K. and US, having a limited theatrical release. Unlike the three previous works from Starks Movies that were made with low budgets, the sci fi movie is the highest budget film from the outfit, using proceeds realised from the three previous works.

Other movies from Starks Movies that have made headway in cinemas and subsequently led to the growing popularity of Starks Films as an Independent British production company include Criminal Network, The Journey to Aresome and The Beast of Bodmin Moor, all released in 2016.

The trailer to “Travelers” is available online for lovers of sci fi and quality movies to enjoy in anticipation of the eventual release of the movie.

About Starks Films

Starks Films is an Independent British movie production company established by Adam Starks in 2013 when he directed his first film. The company was founded to create independent feature films for the consumption of the global audience.

The first movie production by Starks Films received accolades from movie lovers and critics across the globe, with a profitable return and a 7/10 review from Starburst Magazine. The company currently produces three feature films yearly, treating its global audience to the best of motion pictures across different genres.

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