Stem cell Therapy Treatment

Since it is a very new subject that has is still being studied by a number of scientists. Stem cell therapy in India has grabbed attention when it was known that it has the potential to make breakthroughs in any disease.

Stem cell treatment is a revolutionary idea that has taken the medical treatments to a whole new level, which has been proven useful to people with degenerative diseases. Among many stem cell therapies bone marrow transplant is the most common and widely performed stem cell treatment in India.

Some of the most breakthrough advantages of stem cell treatment it can replace neurons damaged by spinal cord injury, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease or other neurological problems.

People with type I disease whose insulin-making pancreatic cells have been killed off by their immune system can find a solution in stem cells therapy. Though the research is in the process it is being said by the professionals that injecting the cells into the heart could help regenerate heart muscle damaged by, for example, a heart attack.

Arthritis, a degenerative joint disease can be cured by the use of a stem cell to rebuild lost cartilage and repair shot joints. Sickle cell anemia. Organ failure could possibly be treated by replacing the damaged organ with a new functioning one.

India provides very cost-efficient stem cell therapy treatment than the western countries. Not only the stem cell but also the stem cell banking and other grafting advancements are offered at a very low cost. The maximum number of patients comes from Kenya, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh etc.

India is one of the new and the most affordable destinations for the ones looking for stem cell therapy.  Dheeraj Bojwani consultant is best in business if you are looking for Stem cell cost in India. The travelling and accommodation charges are convenient and low. As the economy of scale is large the cost and time involved to meet the doctors are less. 

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