It was one of the most visited sites by students around the world. Yes, student of fortune was one of the most popular online tutoring sites. This learning-teaching site provided ample opportunity for both tutors and students to learn and teach. It is based in United States and made huge waves in terms of letting the student and tutors met. Yet many are affected by the recent news and wondering what will happen if student of fortune closed down. 

Subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, anthropology, history, English, sociology and everything under the sun was covered. The students just have to type in the queries and questions and it will be answered by the tutor on the other line. Thus the student gets help in getting solutions to his problems and the tutor gets paid for helping the students. And if the student of fortune closed down as informed many students will be affected in their projects and assignments. 

Most of the visitors to student of fortune are students with their homework. From school goers to college students everyone is there. And these are the group of people that are most worried about their helpline when student of fortune closed down

Some are busy searching alternatives to student of fortune to help with their homework. While some are definitely trying to create like that site. Users of this site are still wondering what made the student of fortune closed down but more similar sites are popping up to fill the vacuum made by student of fortune. 

Otherwise student of fortune was one of the easiest to access and user friendly sites so far. The users just needed to sign in and became a member and pay some amount as fees to get the questions answered by the tutor. Yet one can search online and read reviews of other sites to get help in homework and assignment. To get more information please go to 


Chicago fire premier is one of the premier online website based in Chicago that lets learners and tutors interact with one another on different subject under the sun. This site is one of the most visited sites by scholars and researchers for their subject matter. One just needs to pay small amount as fee and get fast solution to their question matter.