Studies Revealed That The Results for Hip Implants are Positive for the Young and Old

Orlando, FL — June 2, 2015 — Hip pain and disability are often the most common consequences of hip replacement surgery. However, people often resort to hip replacement surgery just to improve their overall condition. For individuals who are thinking about getting the surgery, it may be a great option.

Studies revealed that the results for hip implants are positive both for the young and old. There were two studies that showed individuals who are younger that 50, as well as those older than 90, did well with new hips.

During the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (or AAOS) annual conference, the two studies were presented to provide new assurances to older and younger people who are considering the surgery. In one study, it was found that there were many hip replacements implanted in individuals younger than 50 that still performed quite well 35 years later. The same is true with patients at age 90 or older.

Alexander Miric, M.D., assistant chief of orthopaedic surgery, stated that the number of patients who were 90-year-olds significantly increased or tripled over the last 30 years. Dr. Miric was also the lead author of the study that focused on hip implants in older patients. He also added that it would be interesting to determine how the 90-year-olds will do after the hip replacement surgery.

In past studies, it showed that patients in their 90s experienced high infection and mortality rates. However, only a small number of patients were involved. According to Dr. Miric, although the numbers didn’t appear encouraging, they also saw patients who did very well.

There was also research that involved a group of patients who went through a hip implant surgery when they were just between the ages of 18 and 49. Researchers have been monitoring their condition for many years.
According to Lucian C. Warth, M.D., a senior orthopaedic surgery resident and study co-author, the study was the longest they have conducted in terms of following up on the condition of individuals who got total hip replacement surgery. It was found that 63 percent of the original surgeries were still functional while the study was ongoing and even at the time of death of the patients.

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