Study shows Instagram photos with faces earn more likes

A recent study yielded that Instagram photos with faces get the bigger chances of earning more likes from followers compared to those photos having none. This is according to a new study conducted by Georgia Tech, a public research university in Atlanta, which yielded that Instagram photos with faces gets 38 percent more likes. 

More likes, more comments 

The recent study, which was titled “Faces Engage Us: Photos with Faces Attract More Likes and Comments on Instagram”, found out that pictures that include human faces or “selfies’ are more capable of attracting the interests and likes of Instagram users. Such kind of Instagram photos was estimated to earn 38 percent more likes and 32 percent more comments compared to photos with no human face. 

The study, which teamed up with Yahoo Labs, further stated that the engagement levels of this kind of photo could not be affected by the amount of faces that are in the photo as well as of age and gender. Furthermore, the study also found out that male Instagram users get more comments and likes compared to female users. 

The researchers of the study have checked out 1.1 millions photos on Instagram using face detection software to scan the photos 

Part of human nature 

In an interview, Georgia Tech College of Computing doctorate student Saeideh Bakhshi, the person who led the study, said that the outcome of the research is justifiable because humans are naturally attracted to faces and are social animals. 

“We are social animals and want to see other people — it’s comforting to us and makes us safe,” Bakhshi stated. “This is engrained in us at a very early age, when babies are looking for the support of their parents.” 

She further said that, “We didn’t think online engagement would necessarily translate to this instinct, but it does make sense — it’s a part of human nature.” 

Too much is uninteresting 

While Instagram photos with faces could earn more online engagement, Backshi however warned Instagram users not to post such kind of photos more frequently. The study had also found out that an Instagram user who uploads more photos gets the lower probability of earning likes and comments. 

“The more Instagram pictures you post, the more people lose interest,” Bakhshi disclosed. “Posting too much decrease likes two times faster than comments.” 

The study is to be presented at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computer System. Aside from Bakhshi, other members of the team are advisor Eric Gilbert and Yahoo Research Scientist David Shamma. 


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