15 March 2019, Delhi - Getting treatment for brain tumors with Dr. Rana Patir, top neuro surgeon Fortis Hospital Delhi India puts you at the center of the most innovative and groundbreaking research and clinical trials for brain cancer in the world. It gives you access to promising treatments that directly target tumors — and the biology of your individual cancer.

“Our brain tumor program has several exciting experimental therapies — some of which are only offered at Fortis Hospital Delhi India — as part of our clinical trials program. We are pioneering new treatments for brain tumors including:

  • Genetically fortified immune system cells called CAR T cells; a groundbreaking case study, conducted here and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found CAR T cell therapy to be effective in the treatment of glioblastoma.
  • Neural stem cells changed to deliver chemotherapy to superior and treatment -resistant brain cancer
  • Nanoparticles that unleash cancer-killing therapies directly at tumor sites
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    In the past we never treated patients who had cancer that spread to the brain because we considered it terminal. But now that we’ve succeeded with drugs, partly invented, people with advanced cancer are living longer and longer." stated by best neurosurgeon for brain tumor in India Dr. Rana Patir

    When you get brain tumor treatment with Dr. Rana Patir, you are partnering with a world-class surgeons and his team of experts spanning multiple disciplines, which see and treat challenging and complex brain tumors on a daily basis. And you have access to transformative surgical methods and technology, groundbreaking research studies and highly focused radiation therapy. He treats all tumor types, including:

  • Malignant (cancerous) tumors
  • Benign (noncancerous) tumors, including pituitary gland disorders
  • Tumors that have spread or developed resistance to treatment
  • Complex spinal tumors


Dr. Rana Patir’s focus on basic research keeps him on the cusp of big discoveries. “Being the only cancer surgeon in the country that is injecting cancer-killing immune cells directly into the brain to treat patients with advanced brain tumors to boost your immune system's natural cancer-fighting abilities in patients with glioblastoma.” says, Dr. Rana Patir best neuro surgeon in India.

Our commitment to providing exceptional care includes:

  • Advanced immunotherapy and gene therapy clinical trials including using modified T cells to fight brain tumors
  • Revolutionary neural stem cell therapy that delivers chemotherapy directly to tumors
  • Promising research into immunotherapeutic approaches to killing brain cancer cells using nanoparticles
  • He performs minimally invasive procedures — including endoscopic and image-guided surgery — to remove as much tumor tissue as possible while preserving quality of life
  • A comprehensive pituitary tumor clinic
  • Noninvasive, alternating electric field therapy that disrupts tumor cell division
  • Dr. Rana Patir and brain tumor board of Fortis Hospital Delhi, India that meets at least twice a month to discuss patient treatment plans, allowing for tailored and individualized treatment
  • Palliative procedures designed to improve quality of life


“Our team of neurosurgeons, neurooncologists, researchers, nurses, radiation oncologists and genetic counselors work together closely at all stages to provide seamless, coordinated care. We balance that approach with personalized medicine — not just when it comes to your cancer, but the kind that makes you feel supported throughout your treatment. And our commitment to personalized care means preserving your quality of life is at the heart of your treatment.” stated, best neurosurgeon for brain tumor in India.

Dr. Rana Patir is internationally recognized for its research and breakthrough treatments, has been named one of India’s top neurosurgeons for more than a decade, and offers a comprehensive care.

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