Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation surgery has become standard therapy for many women in the form of sterilization which involves fallopian tubes which are blocked, tied or sealed which prevent the permanent form of birth control, which is carried out during the hospital stay for either normal delivery or caesarean.

Encouraging results of tubal ligation surgery in India in treating patients which is highly effective in protection against pregnancy and eliminates the requirement of long term contraceptive use. A free Campaign held in Mumbai by Indian hospitals last week had made a huge impact on people. The objective of the campaign is to spread the awareness about the effective birth control as the solution for a healthy lifestyle as miscarriage would affect women health which leads to depression and anxiety with pregnancy loss.

As people are now more concerned towards their health and to have a healthy lifestyle people are planning for their family and children. Tubal ligation is helpful in preventing pregnancy, ending the need for contraception and lowers the risk of ovarian cancer. The campaign had successful outcomes in treating people in India for low laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery.

The campaign had effectively widespread its results in terms of the awareness for women’s health and has considered the only established surgical solution to stop miscarriage. With increasing risks, the low-cost laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery is performed in India.

The method is done with the small incision which is made near the belly button for laparoscope to be inserted allowing the surgeon to see fallopian tubes. The cost for stem cell transplant is in the range of $2,000 when performed by a private physician in India, whereas the same procedure costs double in other countries. Tubal ligation surgery seems to be more cost-effective which shows to achieve equal and superior outcomes in the long run. Laparoscopic tubal ligation recovery time is less which is about 2-3 weeks due to minimal incision.

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