Although the world has seen advancements in the field of healthcare, we still haven’t been able to overcome one complex disease of the brain that is – The brain tumour. Also known as Medulloblastoma, brain tumour has become a growing threat amongst people around the globe especially in children. It is the second most chronic condition in children and strikes them 10 times more than the adults. Very recently Gleneagles Global Health City senior consultant neurosurgeon and functional neurosurgeon, Dr Nigel Symss addressed the media about a four year old Sudan boy whose brain tumour was treated some time ago in India.

According to the doctor the brain tumours have the tendency to grow rapidly and metastasize to different parts of the brain and spinal cord. The Sudanese child was suffering from weak balance, headache and vomiting. After sufficient tests carried out in Sudan, a large tumour was seen on the back of his brain and was considered suggestive of tumour medulloblastoma with an accumulation of excess CSF, known as hydrocephalus. This condition of the brain leads to headaches, vomiting and lethargy that are experienced in the morning and get better as the day passes.

As per the reports the child went through a procedure back in Sudan that relieved the pressure caused to his brain due to fluid accumulation. However since it wasn’t a permanent solution to his problem, he underwent a brain surgery in India after being brought to Chennai.

He underwent a successful surgery which resulted in the removal of a small part of his skull at the back which was done to get access to the tumour. Post the surgery the child was looked after in the neuro intensive care by a specialised team of intensivists. However two weeks after the surgery, the child started experiencing weakness in all his four limbs. After a MRI scan of the spine it was turned out that the tumour had spread in the cervical spine. The doctors immediately decided to start a cranio spinal radiotherapy and they were successful in performing the same. It was relief for the team of oncologists to know that there wasn’t sign of recurrence of the tumour. The strong lad will soon be treated with chemotherapy as stated by the press.

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