Rolling Hills Estates, California – SuperDentalSupply LLC offers the lowest priced, good quality dental equipment available anywhere. The company products include high speed handpieces, low speed handpieces, curing light, scaler Piezo electric, X-ray machines, cameras, fiber optic handpieces and more.


Some of the unique products offered by the company include different grades of high speed dental handpiece. There is the Rhein high speed handpiece with 4 holes and push button friction grip for quick removal of burs. Each handpiece has a high cutting efficiency and less vibration and makes less noise. Then, there is the DENTEX high speed handpiece with 4 holes and triple port water spray with a quick release friction grip push button. At the higher end, there is the high speed push button fiber optic handpiece capable of 400,000 rpm. Another unique product is the automatic dental high and low speed handpiece cleaner and lubrication system. Three dental handpiece can be oiled and cleaned at the same time in it. Low speed pieces come in either light weight aluminum or stainless steel construction.


SuperDentalSupply LLC also offers the new ultrasonic Piezo Scaler with FDA approved features. The handpiece is cast from titanium alloy which is light and strong and will not break easily. The company also offers the DL laser package with a two-year warranty. Also on the list are stainless steel shank diamond burs that are strong, sturdy, sharp and rust free. Then, there is the Specialty Diamond Burs which has diamonds that are extra fine and extra coarse, which usually cost twice than what regular diamonds do. The Dental Vacuum Forming and Molding Machine comes with a heavy duty vacuum motor that provides precise downward suction. It also features a symmetrical heating system, ensuring uniform heat distribution and its adjustable rust-resistant body accommodates various materials. SuperDentalSupply LLC also offers 2.5X Dental Surgical Loupes Dentist 420mm, the 3.5X Dental Surgical Loupes Glasses and the LED Head Light for Dental Surgical Binocular Loupes. These binoculars are recommended for the first time users since it is the easiest to loupe to adjust to. The company offers X-Ray machines with excellent resolution and which are compatible with all popular Dental Practice Management Softwares.


Thus, SuperDentalSupply LLC offers a gamut of new and modern dental equipments and tools. New customers can open an account with the company store which would enable them to move through the check out process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track their orders in their account and more. To know more about these and more dental supplies visit the company website