Surftek Surfboards Develops Electric-Powered Boards

Cross Creek Lane, Malibu, California, 04-Apr-16 — A US based company Surftek through its high-tech research develops Electric-Powered boards. Each of the Electric Surfing boards is designed for effectiveness with different surfing styles in mind. An integrated electric-powered jet propulsion system is a broad feature in the advanced board. The Advance board has another great feature which is its environmental friendliness with no noise and emissions.

This is how Surftek makes sure that their products are very efficient. As a result of their consciousness to produce an effective product that is also safe and eco-friendly. Surfboards are light relatively but strong enough to carry individuals riding on them while on Ocean surface wave breaking wave.

The Electric jet propulsion system which disturbs neither animals nor other people ride noiseless which shows its friendly nature to the ecosystem.

Its light weight makes it very easy to handle Surftek surfboard. It is also built with a lithium battery which is a clean power supply. It eliminates any risk that accompanies liquid based fuels.

They also value the safety of the products as high as possible, considering everyone and everything on and around the vicinity of the board which is the reason why the battery and all motor parts are fitted into a carbon-free-aluminum composite case.

An automated emergency stop mechanism is also attached to the system in case you might lose control. It will shut off immediately the power to the motor. Surftek surfboard does not only produce and innovate the surfboard products, but they ensure that the safety of the environments and users are put into consideration.

Surftek Surfboards is a pioneer company in computer and High-tech motorized surf technologies. They have successfully introduced many of the technologies that have helped shape the industry through innovation and design. They are highly committed to continuously improving the technological pursuit of producing the best high-performance electric surfboards.

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