San Diego, CA - 9 February, 2017 - Readers interested in fitness and working out are gaining the ultimate upper hand with the knowledge of the newly released Dyno Trainer suspension bands. Dynamite Power Training (DPT) has recently decided to launch their most durable and affordable exercise training equipment to date. This suspension exercise system has been under the spotlight after revealing its composition of high-quality materials and complimentary ebook that they include with each of their customers orders. Not only is this thought to be the new wave of at home workouts, but Dynamite’s bodyweight and resistance trainer allows the user to workout from virtually any location.

DPT is a fitness company that produces workout equipment for at home and on the go exercise activities. When asked what they valued most as a business, a spokesperson for the company replied, “Customers come first for us, but the supreme quality of our products must be matched and maintained to ensure the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers as well.” Hence, the company has decided to pull the trigger and release this highly renowned piece of fitness equipment they call the Dyno Trainer to reinforce their motto.

Dynamite’s Pink Dyno Trainer package is currently comprised of one fully equipped suspension exercise system crafted with a newly weight-tested nylon material, durable non-slip foam handles at the ends of the suspension bands, and a complimentary ebook. The book they incorporate within this new product is called, “15 Workouts by Dynamite,” and consists of 15 unique workouts designed for all different levels of intensities.

Dynamite Power Training is the most cutting edge fitness company to release such a high caliber workout package. These types of fitness packages can be found all over the internet but it is rare to find one that will be reliable and walk one through step-by-step on how to utilize the equipment. Most importantly, individuals who exercise improve their workout routines by being knowledgeable of the necessary positions needed to achieve maximum results. Readers can find their Dyno Trainer on where they will get free 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.

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