T. Maxwell Smith Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Craig’s Night

In the style of the “choose your own adventure” books which sold over 250 million copies in the late 80’s and 90’s, the writers of Craig’s Night have taken that idea and written a script (47 to be precise) with 25 unique endings.  Since this type of film is impossible to release into the cinema, the film is being produced directly to DVD and Blu-ray as these formats already hold the power to harness this type of experience.  Watch Craig’s Night again and again and never see the same film twice.

The main goal of the film is to create a unique viewer experience, unlike anything that has ever been created on such a scale.  The story follows Craig on what may be the best, worst, or last night of his life.  It is all up to the choices he makes on his way.  This film is designed as a simple story that gets more and more complex as it expands.  Each option opens up new possibilities for a very interesting story.  Each fully completed adventure is around 15 to 20 minutes in length with each storyline developing very unique twists in the story.

T. Maxwell Smith, the films director, writer, and producer, has produced music videos for Freak Morice and Mike Espin and has worked on many productions and broadcasts both in front and behind the camera. Smith’s fellow writer and producer is Justin Sweetser, who will be taking on the role of Craig for this, one of a kind, night out.

Together, the two had been working on the project for over 9 months before building a team up for the production of Craig’s Night and for the, now live, campaign.  The crew now includes:

- Freya Crema — Hair, Makeup, and Costumes
- Janina Koesling — Producer
- Mike Espin — Photography
- Kane Hibberd — Assistant Camera Operator
- Alex Dunham — Sound Engineer

The Indiegogo Campaign, located on the web at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/you-choose-craig-s-night , offers pledge levels from $5 USD to $10,000 USD, with rewards including:

- DVD of the Full Project - $20
- Blu-ray in full HD - $30
- Personalized Christmas Card from the Director T. Maxwell Smith -$25
- Access to a weekly production Podcast - $75
- A signed DVD (signed by Smith and 4 cast members) - $100
- and much, much, more

For more information, visit the Indiegogo page.

About Craig’s Night:

Craig’s Night is an independent film featuring the option to choose the path of the lead character, creating different scenarios and different endings.

Contact Person: T.Maxwell Smith
Company: Craig’s Night
Address: Maroochydore, Australia
Phone: +61406022592
Email: max@redknifemedia.com
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/you-choose-craig-s-night