Tampa, FL; August 2, 2013: DUI is the abbreviation for driving under the influence and which can form the basis of an offense and the subsequent conviction, devastating the life of a negligent driver for his/her reckless driving. Now, Tampa DUI Lawyer John Musca comes to the rescue of the drivers who are charged of DUI offenses in the city. They publish online videos on YouTube to create more awareness around DUI offenses, their legal consequences and how to avoid them. The objective of the videos is also to educate citizens about the negative consequences of reckless driving and hence pursue them not to drive vehicles when under the influence of alcohol. 

The Musca Law Firm is one of the leading and trustworthy attorneys of Tampa in Florida and now they have started offering free consultation to anyone who is accused of DUI offenses. Anyone who has been arrested on suspicion of committing a drink and drive related offense can now call them at (800) 687 2252 for a free consultation. The qualified attorneys of the firm accept that often people often fail to consult a lawyer in DUI cases and face legal consequences under the driving law of Florida. The state maintains a strict law for the drivers and DUI is often seen as a cognizance offense, leading an accused to monetary penalties as well as imprisonment. 

The DUI Attorney Tampa, through YouTube Videos, reiterates their commitment to provide all necessary legal help to all those who have been charged of DUI offenses. They extend all possible help under the Florida legislature and try to get an accused exempted from the offense or reduce their punishment in case of a conviction. John Musca speaks about their legal assistance to the DUI accused in Tampa, “In Tampa, numerous people are charged of DUI offenses every year. We want to seriously reduce the number of drink and driving cases in the city. In many cases, a person with a low level of blood alcohol content (BAC) also gets arrested. We try to reduce the charges against such drivers under the law of the state.” 

Thus, any accused of DUI offenses in Tampa may call them for a free consultation or can learn more about the legalities around DUI by watching the YouTube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBcqV4iDmUM . 

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The Musca Law Firm is a team of qualified attorneys in Tampa, Florida. They offer legal services in many areas including DUI, sex crimes, theft, frauds and others. The knowledgeable lawyers of the firm extend all possible helps to their clients under the legal frameworks of the state of Florida. They offer free consultation to their clients too. 

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