Los Angeles, August 6 2013: Tara Thomas Agency/T2 Casting and Marlo Films have attached SAG Award-nominee Tony Plana for a role in the feature film Vieques. Executive Producers Angelo Lopez and Michael Diesel add Plana to a group that includes Luis Guzmán, Emily Kincaid, Frances Lozada, Mekhi Phifer and Michael Lopez.

Further, TTA/T2 Casting sincerely acknowledges and appreciates the innovative artists who have shown determination and resilience throughout the process. Many of them have articulated great solidarity with the casting and production teams, and have magnanimously utilized their skills and talent to not only contribute, but also blend seamlessly with the aforementioned teams.

Vieques Synopsis

Seventeen-year-old Marco Maldonado has everything going for him: Good looks, great family, and a promising future. While his best friend Jenny McReynolds may or may not be interested in him, the U.S. Naval Academy most certainly is. Unfortunately, Marco’s father pushes his son to fulfill his destiny as an artist, while Marco, practical and grounded, is focused on matriculating at Annapolis and serving his country.

When a school trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico results in Marco’s nemesis assaulting a young woman, the boy’s father pays off the local police, setting off a disastrous chain of events. A few locals, hell-bent on exacting revenge, murder Marco’s classmates. Marco and company take cover in the forest, where they’re stalked and hunted for days.

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