Kolkata: With the increasing need for a tough liner system for applications such as large diameter SAG and FAG mills, renowned <a href="">milling solutions provider</a> Tega Industries offers a new generation Combi® liner, a system as sturdy as the conventional steel liners and as robust as the rubber liners. This tough and resilient mill lining product has gained a remarkable niche in the mining industry for the numerous advantages it offers.

Tega Industries has effectively provided milling solutions to more than 500 grinding mills around the world in primary, secondary, Ball, SAG and AG milling applications lining them with rubber liners and rubber/metal composite liners. The greatest feature that Tega’s Combi® liner offers is the ability to withstand high energy impact with high degree of flexibility.

With Combi® liners, any profile with the desired face angle can be provided depending on the operational requirement of the mill. Since, the weight of the Combi® lining system is less than that of the complete steel liners, smaller size fasteners can be used. Wear and tear of metal is much lower in this type of liner due to the suppleness of the total system provided by the backup rubber against impact and attrition motion of the charge.

Another advantages associated with this type of liner is that as this liner wears through, it becomes durable in matters of distribution of rubber and metal. With this, its flexibility increases, gradually making the load intensity lesser. The wear rate also decreases up to some level of metal thickness beyond which, it increases again. This unique feature makes the wear life of Combi® liner notably higher than the other liners as the force is less and the fastener sizes are smaller as compared to the metal.

About Tega Industries:
Tega Industries is a member of the Tega Group of Companies, and is recognized as a leading solution provider in the field of mineral processing, mining, material handling and environmental industries. The company is one of the worldwide leaders in the design and production of consumables for the mineral beneficiation, mining and bulk solids handling industry.

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Tega Industries Limited 147, Block — G, Humayun Kabir Sarani, New Alipore, Kolkata — 700 053
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