A low maintenance system to replace impact idlers at transfer points has been developed by mining solutions provider, Tega Industries, to ensure uninterrupted travel of conveyor belts in the toughest conditions.

Kolkata, India: Where conventional impact idlers are not sufficient to absorb the impact of heavy falling materials at the loading points, Tega’s new Friflo Impact Pad provides a solid non-moving surface that is specially designed to dampen impact of heavy materials and prevent damage to the conveyor belt and structure.

Unlike conventional idlers, the Friflo requires no maintenance which significantly reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency. The system is simple and comprises of a bolt-on pad which is custom designed as per the application severity and duty conditions.

According to Tega Industries South Africa spokesperson, the top layer is made of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene) for smooth gliding of the conveyor belt. The middle layer is made of rubber to cushion the impact load, while the lower layer is for fastening impact pads on the support frame, which is usually made of aluminum.

“On traditional systems, we usually find that Impact of heavy material leads to damage of the belt, idler and the structure resulting in material spillage. Being a rotating part, idlers are susceptible to corrosion and failure of bearings due to accumulation of dust and grime. The malfunctioning of these idlers in dirty conditions is inevitable and is the cause of frequent conveyor breakdowns that require regular maintenance. This is not the case with our new Friflo.

“The use of ultra-durable materials means that the Friflo is designed to outlast idlers. It is cost effective to install and we will custom-make it to fit onto existing or new structures. The UHMWPE low friction design ensures smooth conveyor movement under all conditions which plays a positive role in preserving belts and ensuring the longest possible life out of them,” says Fernando.

Tega Friflo impact beds are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art fusion bonding techniques to produce the trio-composite Friflo Impact Pad.

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