Toronto, Ontario; August 3, 2013: There’s an old adage that says nothing in this world is free, but thanks to a new #100 service being offered by Telehop Communications, Inc., mobile users in Canada will now be able to make mobile calls as close to free as currently possible, at a rate of five cents per minute.

“It’s the first of its kind in Canada for the service we’re offering,” said Rajiv Jagota, President and CEO of Telehop Communications, Inc., a provider for residential and business customers.

The new service, according to Jagota, is available on the TELUS network across Canada.

TELUS has more than 7.5 million wireless subscribers across Canada.

The launching of Telehop Communications Inc.’s new service could prove to have perfect timing due to the exponential growth of mobile users in Canada.

According to statistics listed in an October 24, 2012 issue of the Winnipeg Free Press insert entitled, The Canadian Wireless Landscape, seven out of every 10 households (or 70 percent of households) in Canada have at least one cellular phone.

In addition, the study revealed that smartphone usage has more than doubled since 2011, meaning more Canadians are calling more.

“We have the lowest International rates on cell phones, guaranteed,” Jagota pointed out, before adding, “You can call over 24 countries for five cents per minute, including the United States, and over 60 countries for less than 15 cents per minute.”

Using Telehop Communications, Inc.’s new #100 service, Jagota noted, can be done in three quick, simple, and easy steps.

The first step for users is to simply dial #100 on their TELUS cell phone.

The second step is to wait to hear the Telehop prompt.

The third step is to dial the country code, plus your International number. That’s it.

And perhaps the best thing about Telehop’s new service, according to Jagota, is that absolutely no signup is required, no long-term or short-term contracts are required, there are no hidden fees, and no additional charges.

In fact, after each call, which is available on TELUS prepaid and postpaid plans, users will receive a free text message outlining the call details and the charges associated to their last #100 call.

As to why anyone should give Telehop’s new #100 service a try, Jagota stressed that its service is the best way for mobile phone users to save big on calls.

In fact, according to a recent study published in The Canadian Press, which was conducted by commissioned by Industry Canada and the CRTC, mobile phone costs is an increasingly common issue for Canadian households.

The annual study, which surveyed telecom providers, such as Rogers, Telus, Bell, and more, revealed that a typical plan that includes 450 incoming and outgoing minutes, texts, and data averaged approximately $44 per month in Canada.

“When you say yes to our new #100 service, you’ll receive the lowest rates possible, which is as low as five cents per minute,” Jagota said. “Our service is top-of-the-line, and we guarantee that you’ll not only save big, but you’re going to have a service that’s unlike anything in Canada.”

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