The achievement made by Airwheel in the field of artificial intelligence robot

04, April 2016: The new product announcement held in the March 2016 in Germany was a milestone for Airwheel because Airwheel released its first artificial intelligent product—Airwheel S9. It is not the first time for Airwheel but also for the whole sector. For now, AI is a most hot talking-point. In various industries, a great many firms spares no efforts in R & D related to AI. The entry into the field of AI will be a symbolism of power and innovation. So does Airwheel. Airwheel made it in March 2016 and pushed out its first artificial intelligence robot S9 in the 106 CeBIT. The landmark will be etched in the memories of every audience and player.


In fact, Airwheelpronounced its intention of entering the field of AI. The intelligent self-balancing scooter is called intelligent but the progress is indeed timid. Airwheel even the whole sector is in a dire need of a stride in technology. Under such circumstance, Airwheel made up its mind and aspired to make the first two-wheeled intelligent robot on day. After a couple of year, Airwheel was proud to claim that it was able to push out its first model of Airwheel S9. This achievement was a landmark for Airwheel as well as the whole sector.


Airwheel S9 is practical and functional. It can stay away from the obstacles before it on the way and at the same time it can map out the route. In the process of optimise the route, Airwheel S9 draws on its intelligent chip and keep the route safe and even. The automatic choice of route works like a real human man.

It is reasonable to predict that Airwheel will introduce this technology to other model of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters. From then on, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter will become more veritable intelligent and ahead of time in the future.

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