New York, NY — “The Cat Language Bible” is the most comprehensible guide to date, representing the culmination of Jurgella’s more than 10 years of feline research. In his new eBook, Jurgella provides cat enthusiasts with the knowledge, strategies and techniques to effectively communicate with their cat, understand them, and establish a closer bond.

“I take pride in vetting the authenticity and credibility of every product that I use,” said Rousseau.

Up to 97 million cats share a home with their special humans, but very few know or understand the subtle ways in which cats communicate. Jurgella’s book breaks through that barrier to explain how felines use body language and vocalizations to express themselves, along with how cats understand human behaviors.

Jurgella’s book has received rave reviews and a 9.5 rating from cat owners and those within the field of animal behavior. He’s been featured in multiple media outlets ranging from blogs to TV appearances. “The Cat Language Bible” includes 100 pages of his academic findings and hypothesis testing, and incorporates first-hand experiences of interactions between humans and their felines.

Based on scientifically proven research, the book provides a guide to understanding the moods, feelings and behaviors every cat exhibits. Cats have the ability to use more than 20 different vocal sounds to express themselves and readers will discover how to interpret their feline’s vocal and non-vocal language in multiple situations.

“As a long-time cat owner myself, I was surprised at how much I have to learn,” said Rousseau. “The amount of information that Jurgella includes in his book is impressive, but it is so well-organized that the volume is not at all intimidating.”

For a limited time, Rousseau is offering a variety of bonus guides and a significant discount for those who purchase the eBook on her website. Bonus materials include “The Cat Care Guide,” “Training Your Cat,” “A-To-Z Feline Nutrition,” and free lifetime updates of “The Cat Language Bible” as they become available.

“If you own a cat and want to learn their language for better understanding, then you need “The Cat Language Bible,” said Rousseau.

“The Cat Language Bible” offers anyone who shares their home, work or life with a feline with a comprehensive guide to understanding cats. Felines are highly intelligent, understanding much more than humans think, and Jurgella’s new eBook provides the knowledge needed to forge better cat-human communication and relationships.

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