The effectiveness of this steroid on top. Oxandrolone (Anavar) provides: the hardness of striated muscle, a beautiful relief of various muscle groups, a good “burn” fat, increase strength and endurance. But the main feature of this steroid is not the point. The fact that the drug increases the production of growth hormone. Not any steroid hormone can “boast” of it. Usually it is advisable to use Anavar to create a beautiful relief of the right muscle groups and burning fat, which in the complex – the perfect solution to form a harmonious figure of an athlete. Another possible use of the drug alone for increasing strength and endurance. Therefore, it is popular among weightlifters, because you can stay in the same weight, but significantly increase its power capacity.

Among the positive properties of oxandrolone is still worth noting his inability to flavor, and the dose that you used, it is not important. The steroid does not aromatize in any way. This means that your muscles will never look too “watery”, which not only guarantees success in sport, but a presentable appearance, that bodybuilding, for example – the quality is not the last. In the fat burning agent is involved indirectly, it makes your muscles strong and resilient “ropes.”

Unlike the vast majority of anabolic steroids, oxandrolone primary use is outside the sport – this drug is widely used in medical practice. As for sports, there oxandrolone is mostly used in athletics, swimming etc. In power sports – bodybuilding, weightlifting, barbell, strongman – it is rarely used. The main obstacle to its use by athletes, “weightlifters” – a very high price (if the same athletes may cost Oxandrolone 2-4 tablets a day, the “weightlifters” are required dose several times higher, the dosages.

With the ability to dramatically enhance the synthesis of creatine phosphate, muscle fibers, oxandrolone may provide a significant gain in strength, while not causing a significant increase in weight – a quality that can be appreciated by athletes, light weight category. That gain in security terms – the main advantage of oxandrolone with regard to a set of masses, it is hardly justifiable use for this purpose is so expensive drug. Despite the fact that the oxandrolone is very well stabilized androgen receptor (perhaps even better than testosterone), its use even in very high doses does not lead to a significant increase in muscle mass.

At the same time, Oxandrolone is probably the most powerful anti-catabolic, it is very good, “occupying” cortisol receptors, as their antagonist (prevents activation). For this reason oxandrolone is often used in the intervals between cycles to keep to gain muscle mass (here, it is usually combined with Andriol – Testosterone undecanoate), as well as in preparation for a competition, if the application of testosterone propionate is undesirable. By the way, in addition to anti-catabolic activity, oxandrolone has another useful feature – it has absolutely no effect on the body’s production of testosterone.

The main purpose of Oxandrolone is preparing for a competition. Several studies have noted the presence of oxandrolone ability to burn fat, this may be due to the ability of the drug was very well stabilize the androgen receptor. The use of Oxandrolone causes severe upregulation (increased number) of androgen receptors, including those in adipose tissue – even one fact, testifying in favor of the presence of fat-burning properties of the drug. On the anti-catabolic activity of the drug, property, is also extremely important during the “dry”, as it was said.

The use of oxandrolone in conjunction with either fluoxymesterone drostanolone increases the stiffness of the muscles that useful to the eve of the competition. Finally, the metabolites leave the body full of oxandrolone in the next 10-12 days, so that the drug can be taken before the event, which will carry out doping control.

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