Designed by an architect and built for the everyday consumer, the EllyStand is a multifunctional stand for smartphones and tablets that provides hands-free support in a number of situations.

United States - January 30 2017: Earlier this month, the development of an innovative smart device stand entitled EllyStand was announced.

This multifunctional stand can be used as an image scanner, a low-powered microscope, a tool for macro photography and as a projector for presentations. It allows for hands-free support, simple height adjustments and provides a clear space below any smart device. The EllyStand can be used with nearly any device including smartphones, tablets, phablets, netbooks and hybrids.

“The EllyStand is a smart device stand that commands attention and motivates you.” explained KenHain Chow, the noted architect and primary EllyStand designer. “Every major component of the EllyStand has been successfully tested. It looks good. It feels right. Most importantly, it works well and it’s useful. We are proud to stand behind this new innovation and are excited to see it become apart of your everyday lifestyle.”

In order to help offset some of the costs associated with the production and development of the EllyStand, a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was launched on January 17 2017. With the support of the public, the EllyStand team believes that they will reach their goal of $30,000 before March 3rd 2017.

There are eight rewards available for individuals who choose to pledge towards the EllyStand. For instance, anyone pledging over $44 is eligible to receive a Basic EllyStand (including desk clamps and a carrying bag) whereas anyone pledging over $158 is eligible to receive the Deluxe Ellystand (including desk clamps, a carrying bag, 3-piece bamboo board and low-glare clear cover).

Once the goal of the Kickstarter campaign is met, the Ellystand team will begin the manufacturing process, and they hope to release the final product in July 2017.

To pledge towards this smart device stand and find out more information about EllyStand, visit the campaign page directly.