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London, UK (mynewsdesk), July 26 2012 The last ten years has seen Britain's biggest baby boom since World War two and companies like Mollie Bee ( has seen a massive upsurge in the sale of their quality goods. But could the end of the baby boom spell the end of all baby stores current success?


According the Donna Bowater of the Daily Telegraph (11th July 2011 Issue), the baby boom of the last ten years may be over. Official figures showed that child births flat lined last year. Numbers of babies born still increased, but only by 0.1%. This is a tiny amount compared to the last ten years, and may spell trouble ahead for the makers of baby products, baby toys and baby clothes.


What has caused this sudden drop is unclear. It may be a temporary blip, or it may mean that the boom is over. Some people are (inevitably) blaming the economic downturn, and claim that with money so tight, that people are unwilling to go out spending money on Baby Sleeping Bags and Baby Sleepsuits when they are having trouble affording petrol for the car. Young couples are having trouble getting on the property ladder and a great deal of people are hidden homeless (living with parents) and are simply unable to comfortably bring a child into the world.


There may also be other factors involved, such as the fact that the figures released by the “Office for National Statistics” shows a strange parallel between decreased fertility and the decrease in babies born. In contrast, Meanwhile, it seems that people are living longer, as the death rate for people in England and Wales fell by 1.8% last year.


The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, coincided with a decrease in fertility as well as a trend for women to have children later in life. Women are shrewdly waiting until later on in life to have babies, so that they may live a little first and maybe build up a career so that they may afford Baby Blankets in later life. However there are some women who are destined to become less fertile earlier on in life, and some women are being cheated out of their chance by nature its self.


Baby product sales are still thriving, with toys and baby products still racing off the shelves every Christmas, but if the trend for fewer babies continues, then it may be the baby product merchants, who need the comfort of a Swaddling blanket, before any babies do.


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