Asian Electric Appliances&Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006 in Guangdong, China, for the purpose of manufacturing insulated wire and cable for the electronic industry and any files. The company produces network wire and multi-conductor cables for computers, data processing, medical electronics, the automotive industry and various military, instrumentation, and control applications.

The manufacturing expertise of the Asian Electric Appliances&Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. plus the continued upgrading of all operations through more sophisticated equipment has gained cable technology a reputation as a technological factor in the industry, bent on meeting our growing customer requirements.

All products from Asian Electric Appliances&Cables Technology Co.,Ltd. are shipped from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan.

Cable Technology reserves the right to ship all wire and cable within industry tolerances of plus or minus 10% of the overall quantity and lengths unless otherwise specified.

With the principle "good maunufacturing equipment makes good products", Asia Cable has purchased the cable and wire manufacture and test equipment from all over the world to ensure the the high quality of the cable.

Asian Electric Appliances & Cables Technology Co., Ltd owns its technology R&D center to ensure the cable to catch the development in the market, and get great material to ensure product quality and supply the more effective products to customers.

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Company Name: Asian Electric Appliances & Cables Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Grace
Address: Zone A, Hegui Industrial Park, Lishui Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
E-mail: [email protected]