According to the research from CN Orthopedic which is the high reputation Chinese Orthopaedic Implants manufacturer for the Bone Plates and Screws,Cannulated Screws,External Fixators,Instrument Set & Others… the market of the orthopedic devices in Asia has reached 2 billion in recent years. The average growth rate of this market in Asia is 5 percent. However, the hip implants have accounted for the largest proportion which is more than 40 percent. On the other hand, the proportion of the trauma equipment which is also called the trauma devices has closed to 35 percent. Knee implants have accounted for 25 percent. The demand for orthopedic equipment of Asian countries has accounted one fourth of the whole world market.

Japan is the protagonist of Asia’s orthopedic market. The demand of this country has accounting for more than third fourth of the Asia market. Japan’s model of medical costs is more similar to the United States or other European countries. Other country such as China or India which wealth has been increasing has also had large number of poor people. In that case, the government is focus on providing basic medical care. In that case, the totally cost for the high end orthopedic device in country such as China and India is not larger than the developed country such as USA. 

In Asia, China is the fastest growing country where has had the second largest medical device market which market share is about 4 billion dollar. On the other hand, there are also many orthopedic devices such as CN Orthopedic has had a greatly increasing. If people want to order the orthopedic devices such as external fixator, the website of CN Orthopedic would be the best choice. With the development of technology and science, the producing methods and quality of Chinese orthopedic device has already kept pace with the international brand products. 

The market of Chinese orthopedic device market is much smaller than Japan. Its market share is about 125 million dollars. However, during the past few years, the market of Chinese orthopedic device has had rapid growth rate which is about 14 to 16 percent. The demand for the orthopedic device in urban area has had rapid improvement. In orthopedic equipment market, knee implants has accounting for about 50 percent of the whole market in China even around the world. The expert from website CN Orthopedic has said that the market of China would have the healthy rate of 8 percent. On the other hand, if people want to purchase the high quality orthopedic device from China, the CN Orthopedic would be the best selection for them. 

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