(World Press Release) Ethernet at the machines will grow fast until 2012 reveals a new study by Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London. The Quest Trend Magazine publishes some highlights.

In the year 2010 Ethernet was already used at each second machines, thereof 29% with TCP/IP and 21% with real time Ethernet. According to the planning of the machine-builders the portion of the machines with Ethernet will increase to 72% until 2012. TCP/IP will be used with 35% and real time Ethernet with 37% of the machines. Thus real time Ethernet will grow at an annual rate of 42%.

The Quest Trend Magazine quotes the market shares of the individual real time protocols of Ethernet based on the number of the machine-builders that use these protocols in 2010 resp. will implement these protocols up to 2012. The study covers beyond that the market shares related to the numbers of machines equipped with these protocols.

ProfiNet will be used by 42% of the machine-builders in 2012. So ProfiNet including its three versions, takes the top position.

EtherCat will be behind ProfiNet the most common real time Ethernet protocol with 24% of the machine-builders.

The real time Ethernet protocols Powerlink, Sercos III and Ethernet IP will show market shares from 8% to 10% in 2012 according to the planning of the machine-builders.

Finally the machine-builders allocate VARAN, Modbus and in-house solutions in each case market shares below 5% in 2012.

The link to this article is http://www.quest-trendmagazin.de/Field-buses-Ethernet.37.0.html?&L=1

The article is published in German and English language.

Thus the Quest Trend Magazine makes the machine-builders' decisions easier. Now the machine-builders can compare their intended changes with the trends in their own sector confirming or adjusting their intentions.

The suppliers of automation technology are learning beyond their constituency, which changes in real time Ethernet the machinery industry as a whole is aiming until 2012.. This enables the suppliers to meet the demand trends in time and purposefully.

The trends from the users' point of view are based on the new market survey of Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, with the title „Ethernet and Safety Ethernet 2010 – 2012, Trends and Innovations from the View of the Machinery Industry“. This Quest study is representative since it covers 25% of the machine-builders with 100 and more employees in 10 sections. It was accomplished in October/November 2010, their results cover 86 pages.

Quest TechnoMarketing is specialized in market surveys regarding the automation technology for more than 20 years and is the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine.

Visit the publisher’s website: http://www.quest-trendmagazin.de/Home.34.0.html?&no_cache=1&L=1