A new global medical translation service — The Medical Translation Company - has launched, providing the most accurate and reliable medical translation services around the world, via its 4650+ multilingual translators from various medical specializations.

Accurate medical translation is vital, and for this reason, the Medical Translation Company only uses experienced medical translators who are highly qualified in a number of specialist areas, from general medical through to biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dental and life-sciences.

To ensure the quality of translation, only “native” translators are used, avoiding grammatical mistakes and improving the overall quality and accuracy of each translation.

The Medical Translation Company assigns each project to the very best translator, on a case-by-case basis, ensuring the highest quality service.

The 4-step process begins with translation by a senior medical translator, specialized in the subject matter. Next, editing and checking takes place by a another experienced medical translator, before revision and validation of the changes are requested by the initial translator. Finally, a full project review takes place by the assigned project manager.

Each translator brings an average of 11.5 years’ experience, covering over 357 different medical areas, and native in over 291 languages.

In addition, the service has capabilities in over 2435 language pairs, and the native translators come from over 136 countries.

“The need for accuracy and quality in medical translation cannot be understated” said Viki Rana, Project Manager..

“Our global network of native speaking, medical experts, will set the standard across the world, to produce accurate translations as part of a service, second to none” he added.

The Medical Translation Company provides additional services including voiceover, summarization, transcription, subtitling and copywriting.

To find out more, log on to www.themedicaltranslationcompany.com.

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